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For any of you into freight on grades, here are three videos by YT uploader JRwehksf of the Senohachi section of the Sanyo Main Line. Lots of footage of freight, some closeups of the new EF210-300s, and some 115 EMU run-bys as well. There are I think two different 4-car 115 series sets in some kind of livery for tourism promotion, they look good.




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Thanks for the excellent videos of Senohachi operations.  :)


Which does remind me: can someone tell me what each color scheme on the 115's rolling by represent? Or does that confuse even Japanese railfans?

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I'm not sure the older liveries have any particular significance, at least not like the recent single-color schemes do. In one of the all-yellow 115s that goes by, it looks like there's some paint missing and you can see the blue stripe from the Cafe au Lait colors.

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