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One more Newbie question.......

John k

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I recently acquired the Tomix 6493 Dr Yellow Track Cleaning Car......and i have a really dumb-bunny question....


Before i spend more money, is this compatible with the Dr Yellow Tomix 92429/92430 sets?  Or would i have to do some modifications to make them work together?


Or if it cant be done, should i try to resell it?


*sigh*   help!

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They appear to exist with Shinkansen couplers so indeed compatible with the dr. yellow sets, but there also appear to be ones that have a rapido coupler (I have one of the latter). A picture is always good and may help others recognize it!

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This looks like the older dr yellow coupler (not the newer power ring coupler). Rest of these are rapidos as densha mentioned.



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Hello Mr Jeff,


You are correct.  The Tomix 92918 or 92227 plus 92228 are the compatible Dr Yellow sets for this track cleaning car.  I found these on Yahoo.  Perhaps you can buy.








I think most westerner using Jauce.  But some using Loco1hobby.  He offer Yahoo service to regular customer, he said.

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