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This is a video recorded along the Seto inland sea of the electrified section on the Yosan Line, I think somewhere between Takamatsu and Tadotsu considering the Shiokaze and Ishizuchi is coupled although I can't find the exact location:


This video is recorded in and around Shimonada station and at some neighbouring stations on the non-electrified section of the Yosan Line, also along the Seto inland sea:

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Great with the boats and shore scenes in the foreground! The videographer is very good at framing very nice shots and having the train move through them in an artistic way. Also doesn't fill the scene with he train like most train shooters, but puts in very nice perspective to the scene.



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Yeah, this guy might be the nimo5 of Shikoku :grin.  I'm looking forward to going through more of his videos.

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This video features some great views too:


And if there are people interested, I have a bunch of Shikoku videos in my bookmarks, I only need to sort them out to share them :P

This guy was easily findable though so here you go: http://www.youtube.com/user/tosacanel910/videos?flow=list&view=46&tag_id=UCI919-R_RWt7azylK44_0Rw.3.jr%E5%9B%9B%E5%9B%BD

He also mentions where the trains are heading for in the description.


This one is recorded at Ekawasaki station on the Yodo Line between Uwajima and Kubokawa. I think the river it crosses is the Hiromi river, you could see where it joins the more famous Shimanto river if you'd turn around from the view at the end of the video:


Sakura along the Dosan Line last spring:


Full moon in Susaki along the Dosan Line crossing the Shinjo river:

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