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Newbie with Kato Series E6 Akita Shinkansen and V16 track set on order


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I wouldn't call myself a master in DCC, I destroyed my fair share of decoders when doing installs, and I still have the occasional burned decoder when testing an install :)


Soldering is one of those things that you just have to do a lot to get good at it, and obviously it helps to get a decent soldering iron and solder. Pretty much the only area that can cause problems is when soldering wires to the motor, if you're not careful you can melt the plastic around the leads and you have to replace the motor. This usually isn't an issue in motor cars though because they have rather large leads on their motors.


I'm aware that DCC isn't for everyone, and obviously a lot of people would rather not mess with their locomotives. I've been lucky with regards to work, so I can afford to destroy the occasional motor or decoder. I'd also happily help people with decoder installs, I've done quite a few for Domino, and all his loco's still seem to run just fine :)

Martijn : don't be so humble, you are THE MASTER OF DCC , and yes Martijn have done tons of decoder installations for me and they all run great and im forever grateful for his help, in the early days when I started with DCC i did my share of decoder frying and interior melt down , so I looked for a solution and found Martijn ;-) , ofcourse I want to be able to solder decoder in motorcars myself, but the models are to expensive for me to take chances with them.



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