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Tomix N Scale J.N.R Shinkansen Type 215, 221, 221, 226, 226, 237 train


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I found these in an attic of a house I was cleaning, I know nothing about these except they are old. Any value here, thanks so much



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Hello Mr Jamie,


So sorry, the models that you have found are quite old.  They may be of interest to a collector in Japan, but probably not to anyone here who is not a collector.  What you have is 7 of a 12 car Shinkansen 200 Organization "E" set.  You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinkansen_200_Series


Tomix produced this model between 1982 and 1985.  So the cars you have are around 30 years old.


Each car is worth around ¥800 or USD $8.  The motor car, if you have it, is worth around USD $35. I include two example on Yahoo Japan below.  I could find no more.




Thus, if you don't have the motor car, my estimate of the value is $50-$70.  Add $30 if you have the motor car.


If you had the full 12 cars in excellent condition with a working motor car you could fetch $200.


I hope this helps.


Perhaps if we know your general location ie: Country and State, then someone here might purchase them from you.

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So sorry, but the vendor is somewhat misguided or has made a mistake entering the price.  Tomix track 1002 is worthless to anyone with a layout less than 20 years old as the track has the distinctive yellow colour of ballast, rather than the grey currently used.  I have already discussed the value of the cars in detail.


For such a price I would expect two bottles of Jack Walker Blue Label 700ml to be included.

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