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Tomix KHIA JR92173


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I have 3 TOMIX KHIA JR92132 2 car sets. TOMIX has updated these with a JR92173. Unfortunately, Mokei Imports no longer will carry TOMIX and BT Trains is phasing out of business. The question is there anyone in the US or Canada handling TOMIX now. Walthers has started selling TomyTec but so far no TOMIX. Any ideas?




Dick Brown

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Mokei imports is no longer I believe. he retired and i dont think anyone was able to pick up his import connections. Same problem with Greenmax where he was about the only importer, means you need to import yourself from Japan, which is not all that bad.


hs has them in stock 10% off list and sal shipping is about the same as priority mail in the us. they use paypal and have english speaking staff and website. better service than many us online shops! small discount (usually around 10% off list).




check with loco1hobby (http://loco1hobby.net/en/), they might be able to order it for you at more of a discount. The owner is a jns member and speaks english and is trying to get the best prices he can to do overseas orders like this from japan.


also fmodels, a japanese hobby shop that has an english speaking staff member and ships overseas at good prices (order@fmodels.jp). just email them and ask.


there are a few other options that require a bit more work if you are interested.


ordering from japan is really not bad at all and prices are usually as good or better to what you could get in the us from anyone importing anyway. its sad to have lost the us suppliers, but luckily its easy to order from japan!


shipping is sal which is airmail and takes about 2 weeks. usually w/o tracking (some shops in japan will give you registered sal for an additional price but ive never had an sal go poof yet) and no insurance. its about the same price as priority mail in the us. then there is EMS where you are getting express mail all the way. takes 3-5 days and full tracking and insurance, but costs like $25-30 to send over a bookcase set, not cheap. personally ive learned to be patient and just use sal. after a few packages i saved enough money to self insure any loss in the future.


if walthers does start selling tomix trains, i expect it will be for 50-100% markups they are doing on tomytec currently. not good and while i like to support importers, they are just gouging. they should be getting a great price as they were setting this deal up directly with tomytec... where is all this extra money going? there is newhall station but they are just buying from a hobby shop in japan and transhipping to you at a HUGE markup for the service.





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Spaceman Spiff

Hi Dick,


I've placed several orders with loco1hobby and Popondetta. They both ship to North America. Dave at loco1 is English speaking. Popondetta does ok in broken English. Both Popondetta and loco1 offer good discounts.


I just placed an order with these guys.




The package just went thru customs and will be here in a days. They replied to my emails quickly in broken English. I paid full retail but they were the only ones that had a new older release that I wanted.


Plaza Japan on eBay is also good to deal with but not much in the way of discounts. Modeltrainstuff.com is US based and do offer some Tomix and Kato items at decent pricing.


Hope this helps





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Hi Spiff et. al.,


I ordered my 3 sets from Loco 1. The price and service are right. From placing order and shipping they were in my mailbox  (Connecticut) in 12 days.


Thanks to all.



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I gave up finding US dealers of Japanese trains, just buy from the above mentioned dealers in Japan, also the Bay. Shipping here SAL is ok, and I have received things from Japan as fast as if it were sent here in US.

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