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Today I went with a good friend (who also brought another pal) to the JNMA model train fair in Hamamatsuchō. There were a lot of small traders and manufacturers around, as well as a lot of sweaty and rude otaku. It was mostly about getting bargains, showing off ridiculously expensive hand made perfect models and sweating (it was REALLY hot).


Anyway, I took pictures of the small T-Trak meeting that was also featured, with an RC N-scale bus, a boat running on a Tomytec moving bus motor over a 'water' surface (looked quite good) and lots of detailed and inspirational modules.


Also, the trains on display were featured in magazines IIRC, like RM Models and so on. Some people will probably recognise some of the modules and trains in the pictures.




 I'm now very eager to start a T-Trak module as well and join these guys, but as I've currently hit rock-bottom financially, no income, and have a new family situation, this will have to wait for a little while. HNGGGGGGG!!!!1

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Great photos.  Thanks for sharing!  :)


No problemo! I also hope to share some nice pictures of the JAM in a month ;)

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There's some really awesome stuff there! I really like those rural/suburban modules and the shotengai module (with kit-bashed buildings?) looks cool too! You also usually don't see very high trees in model, but it is actually very realistic (also look at the forest floor!). Definitely helps the imagination for my own module building. (if that's ever going to happen :P)

I also spotted a German tram and a Taiwanese diesel loco. ^^;

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Nice dioramas! I love how they set up the dioramas and the rural feel to it! I can imagine the 'sweaty' odour since it's summer there... Here in Sillypore it's summer all round so 'sweaty' odour is a norm and we have grown accustomed to it...


Thanks Toni for the pictures! Nice!

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Wow...never seen so much Arumodel stuff (IMG_2936) together! Here is one guy who must have made Mr. Hayashi (owner of Arumodel) a very happy person...



Cheers NB

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