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bikkuri bahn

Just want to recommend the latest issue of Japan Railfan Magazine, especially those interested in older rolling stock.  The edition has a special section on the design and coloring of JNR's rolling stock from the late 50's to early 60's, and includes a nice fold out plate and color pictures.  Also an insert for major private railway rolling stock rosters as of April of this year, very informative.



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Thanks for the info, I'll put it on my list to buy at Book Off when I get back to Japan.  Buying them new here is such a hassle and so expensive, I've basically given up. :(

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My copy arrived last week, a very interesting issue.


I get a copy monthly from Hobby Search along with RM Models and Hobby of Model Railroading to spread the postage over three magazines. As Miyakoji says a bit expensive but I've cut back on some of the U.S. and British magazines I used to get every month to compensate.

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