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Greenmax Railroad Colors


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I have stumbled across Greenmax Railroad Colors on the web while browsing.  The colors appear to be the same as the spray packs but are not in a spray can (which means hand painting or using an airbrush). Like many of us on this Forum I don't live in Japan and if these paints are acrylic then maybe they might be able to be posted.


Has anyone tried to have these paints posted to them? I have include a pic of Color C-02 which is the color used for older passenger cars.


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Martijn Meerts

A quick google translate of the greenmax colors page mentions that to thin the paint, you should use Gunze Mr. Color thinner, and I do believe Mr. Color is Gunze's solvent based paint rather than their acrylic paint (Hobby Color), which would mean the Greenmax stuff is solvent based unfortunately ..

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