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H0e forest railways with H0 branch line

Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts

Yet more progress 🙂




Installed the grab bars on the sides, as well as the support bar for mounting the body to the frame. Also added the window sills on the driver doors.





Initial installation of the front of the cab. It's really just tacked into place. There are some gaps which I need to address on the left side, and there's also a gap between the top of the front and the roof. Should both be easy fixes. The problem here is that it's just really difficult to hold everything in place while soldering.





Plopped the body onto the frame for a quick test. The screw holes line up perfectly fine, and it's really quite sturdy once everything is together.





Bottom of the loco, showing some of the mounting screws.


Very few things left to do now, just need to add the detail to the rear cab and then solder that in place. Then make sure any gaps are fixed, clean up some soldered parts, glue in a few more detail bits on the roof, and then it should be all ready for painting (or at least, priming, since I need to figure out the colours, and then figure out how to mix paints to get those colours ...)



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