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New source for Japanese items


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Sorry dottney, but currently the site looks down :(


I get this error message


Store Unavailable

This store is currently unavailable due to maintenance. It should be available again shortly.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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For me the site is working, but i can't order anything, because everything japanese is marked as 'item can not be shipped to your address'.

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Sinus- For Japanese trains click the scale. Then choose, locos, rolling stock, sets, etc. Then you can choose Japanese.


KVP- check your private messages.


Again if you have questions please contact the store via email -djunction100@gmail.com. Or by phone 585-385-4602.

I know the owner is trying to find the least expensive way to ship items particularly to customers outside the US.

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There's a slight hiccup in the online store's transition.  To reach it please use the following address-



Note the inserted word stores. before djunction.  We're trying to figure out why its demanding the stores. addition to the url.

Gee this fun :mblah05:



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Djunction.com is working again guys. (It redirects to the actual URL Stores.djunction.com automatcally) I'll be checking for Japanese prototype models to list.

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Yes, that's when i got the advice to contact the store by email since as far as i understand Dottney is the website admin and not the owner. Anyway, i was trying to buy the 4 kato 103 sets without much success so far.

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I think he has been working with the owner to list the Japanese and euro stuff they recently got and helping with filling in the content on the site. I can try an email to him.


If all else fails if they don't send to Hungary I could see about shipping it to you if you ship it here. I've done this a lot for friends down under for ebay when folks won't ship overseas.





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I haven't received any replies to my emails, so can someone ask them if they are willing to sell to Hungary?

It looks like they don't ship internationally. I put some items in the cart and tried to calculate the shipping ("Estimate Shipping & Tax") but then it said "Unfortunately we can't ship to your location.".

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OK it looks like links to the store have been re-established. You should be able to reach the store using djunction.com. Or stores.djunction.com


As far as orders from outside the US go, please contact the store via the email listed in the contacts section. I don't know how the owner is handling those orders. I suspect he is doing each one individually by getting shipping costs from various shippers. I do know he is trying to find a reasonable way for both sides to ship foreign orders.


The web store has not been set to automatically calculate orders from outside the US. That is why the message posted by Darklighter appeared. So again email or call the store directly.


Again I'm a contractor responsible for listing items to the web site. I don't have anything to do with day to day operations. I will continue to keep this group informed of new listing that fall into the group's area of interest.


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Just put more stuff on the store.  More Kato is coming.  If you're modelling HO European there's a ton of ROCO stuff now listed also.


  If you are ordering from outside the US please do not click on Proceed to Checkout.  Email or phone the store with what you want and they will get back to you with the shipping costs.


Kato 10-163 Type 25-24 series Hokutosei

Kato 10-198 TGV standard set

Kato 10-344 153 series Electric Car Kato 10-379 80 series Tokai/Hiei

Kato 10-382 500 series Shinkansen Nozomi

Kato 10-385 281 series Haruka

Kato 10-397 700 series Shinkansen Nozomi

Kato 10-399 E26 series Cassiopeia basic 6 car set

Kato 10-400 E26 series Cassiopeia add on 6 car set

Kato 10-404 205 series Keiyo Line color 6 car set

Kato 10-405 205 series Keiyo Line color 4 car add on set

Kato 10-408 253 series Narita Express 6 car set

Kato 10-409 254 series Narita Express 3 car add on set

Kato 10-426 189 series Azusa new color 7 car set

Kato 10-427 190 series Azusa new color 4 car add on set

Kato 10-303 Funaro Express 4 car set

Kato 10-228 M250 series Super Rail cargo 8 container car set

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Buildings added today- http://stores.djunction.com/buildings-1/?sort=featured&page=4


Kato 23-015 incline pier set 15-50mm (1/2" to 2")

Kato 23-016 gradual incline pier set Kato 23-053 double track over head cantenary,viaduct

Kato 23-132 Rural platform accessory set

Kato 23-220 Rural station (unassembled kit)

Kato 23-231 Viaduct Station Stores

Kato 23-408B Small Strip mall (blue)

Kato 23-432A Metro Series 6 floor office (gray)

Kato 23-432B Metro Series 6 floor office (brown)

Kato 23-433A Metro Series 6 floor dept store(blue)

Kato 23-434A Metro Series 6 floor office(gray)

Kato 23-435A Metro Series 6 floor office(ivory)

Kato 23-450A Shop w/traditional eaves

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More Kato buildings added today. Also if you're into European HO or British OO & N there's a bunch.to look at.

I'm pretty sure there will be more Japanese stuff coming.


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Really nice find by this hobby store and good prices. FYI for store representative, all japanese model train products of this time frame have the retail price printed on either on the boxes' side panel or the rear panel. Once they identify one they will locate all the others quickly. Just in case this is the research they are doing on line. Lately the manufacturers are getting away from printing the retail price on the box which is making it more difficult to verify the discount that you are getting if any (particularly when purchasing in person in japan).

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