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Mental (And I Really Mean Mental) Markdown Prices

Davo Dentetsu

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Davo Dentetsu

The thread for jawdropping deals of the decades.

AMRA WA's show has been run and done, I was pretty much doing some running around filling in the spaces of needed tasks as well as keeping a (not very) steady hand on the club's OO gauge layout.

Anyway, besides the point.  I went over to my favourite stand and had a browse the day before the public opening.  I know the guy very well from his days of running a slot car shop in a previous business life and has a good reputation for doing some good bargain deals at the train show.  Well, his very small Japanese N scale shelf fillers (not to be replaced unfortunately) just disappeared over the weekend.



This is what I picked up.  He was still halfway through putting his table out when I spotted the EH10.  Not really my sort of item, but his price ticket caught my eye.  Was previously $139.95, now marked down to...


Silly me actually thought it would be worth mentioning that he missed a 1 out on his ticket.   :P  Can you imagine how quick that was "put under the counter" when he replied that he hadn't?  He was pleased that he got rid of stock that had sat around for 4 years and I... well, no need to tell you why I was pleased at all!

Share your wonderful finds, there must be more stories like this?


EDIT:  Excuse the Panadol, that is my preparation for the attachment of teeny tiny bits.

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Davo Dentetsu

Because it will give me a frigging big headache when I glue them all on. :D

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