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N Gauge Model of the Fukai Railroad Fukuram F1000

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Concept Model Trains

As I was looking for videos of the Fukai Fukuram F1000, I came across the details of a N gauge version of this 3 section LRV.  A modified Tomytec TM-LRT01 was used for the model.  There is also some photos of a small layout that was made of the Fukai Railway. It would be great if either Kato or Tomix decide to create a version of the tram for commercial release.









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nice to see this expanding! hopefully everyone has learned from modemo's disaster with the green mover! I ran my hodie green mover this weekend and it runs wonderfully, very slow, but it does overheat with longer running and also starts slowing down. thinking i need to open it up to see about some lubing. decided not to even attempt the modemo green mover as its just totally cranky in all ways. articulation at n scale is a challenge!


love the kitbash of the portrams. would be nice to see how they hacked up the chassis units. doh! click the links jeff... 



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