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E6 formation moved from factory to JR East on conventional lines


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There are other such videos of 1435mm rolling stock being transported on temporary 1067mm trucks (Keisei Skyliner AE and some subway rolling stock comes to mind), but it's pretty rare, and it's very interesting to see this train behind a DE10 and EF65.  In the description, ayokoi (uploader of the first video) says that up to now, transport had been by sea to Sendai.  This is set Z9 being transported from Kawasaki's Hyogo Works to JR East's Akita Shinkansen Depot.


JR West and JR Central territory, by ayokoi:


Going through Nagoya station, by sinkaisoku225:


YT uploader tobu2181 caught it at Omiya behind EH200-22:


On the Takasaki Line, by JyunichiroGotou:


Tetsudo Fan News: http://railf.jp/news/2013/06/02/105000.html

Ompuchaneru thread: http://rail-uploader.khz-net.com/index.php?id=1098097

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Someone uploaded a picture of E6 trainset Z9 passing Nishi-Kokubunji Station being pulled by an EH200 locomotive onto Wikipedia:




I believe the reason why this could be done is because like the retired 400 Series and slowly-retiring E3 Shinkansen trainsets, the body width of the E6 is narrower so it could travel on the modified regular lines from Morioka to Akita and eventually Fukushima to Yamagata with its tighter curves and tighter station spacing.

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Nice videos! It's rare to see shinkansens being pulled by locomotives... Interesting to see that pantographs are retracted and also no diaphragms in between the carriages, and the doors to each carriage is closed shut... Bet one doesn't see a shinkansen like this much often ~

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Question: are the E6 trainsets being assembled at Kawasaki Heavy Industries at their plant in Kobe? Of course, being narrower than the E5 trainsets that run between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori, the E6 trainsets can now be delivered by train to JR East's Akita and probably Omiya depots to be set up for operational service.

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Yeah, these were from Kawasaki's factory on the Wadamisaki Line as far as I know.


Look at Google Maps, it appears it's kind of tricky to get an E6 trainset onto the San'yō Main Line at Hyogo Station. From the Kawasaki plant, they'll have to move the near-completed trainset into Hyogo Station itself on the Wadamisaki Line platforms, then move it west onto the San'yō Main Line, then it can proceed east on its deliveries.

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First video says in English:


"Electric locomotive transport of Shinkansen Train "E6" Series ("SUPER-komachi" Shinkansen Express), made ​​by "KAWASAKI heavy Industries" from Kobe City (Hyogo Prefecture). "shooting date Date "June 22,2013 "Camera point" Fuchu City (Tokyo) / Saitama City"


Fourth video in English:


From Kawasaki Heavy Industries
(kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture)
the transport of the new cars Akita SHINKANSEN 
Series E6"Super Komachi"

shooting location
Tokaido Line from okitsu between yui 
(Shizuoka city shimizu ward at okitsu river)

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bikkuri bahn

Here's an earlier trainset (Z9) being picked up at the gate of KHI's Hyogo Factory by a JRF DE10:



Overhead view:

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Nice videos getting the trainset OUT of the KHI Hyogo assembly plant, but how about getting it onto the San'yō Main Line at Hyogo Station? 

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bikkuri bahn


*moved to Takatori Station (Kobe Freight Terminal), then DE10 runs around, recouples, and moves on to Osaka.  Motive power change at Suita?

(I have seen new Tokyo Metro 16000 series trainsets parked at Takatori waiting to be delivered)

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Doppler effect at 6:12 is scary, I'll probably hear that in my nightmares :)  I wonder how many of these trains are in a near-complete state at the Kawasaki factory.  They've moved a few of them to JR East in just the last few weeks haven't they?

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bikkuri bahn

Given that deliveries started late last year, and that all 23 trainsets (161 cars) are scheduled to be delivered by spring of 2014, may give you some idea of the spacing.  However, the order is being split with Hitachi (Kasado), so you have to consider that too.

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