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Tokyo Stub Lines - Part 3


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Seibu Tamagawa Line


The Seibu Tamagawa Line is 8 km line running off the JR East Chuo Main line at Musashi-Sakai to Koremasa. This line is single track and does not connect to the rest of the Seibu network.


Length 8 km

Stations 6

4 car trains



Seibu Kokubunji LIne 


The Kokubunji LIne runs off the JR East Chuo Main Line at Kokubunji Station to Highasi- Murayama.  Connections are made with the Seibu Haijima line at Ogawa and the Seibu Shinjuku line at  Highasi-Murayama.


Length 7.8 km

Stations 5

6 car trains




Seibu  Tamako Line


The shaped Seibu Tamago Line also runs off the  JR East Chuo Main Line at Kokubunji Station to Seibu-Yeunchi where it connects with the Seibu Yamaguchi Line (Leo Liner).


Length 9.2 km

Stations 7

4 car trains




There are two other short Seibu lines.  These are the 1 km Toshima Line which is operated as part of the Ikebukuro Line and 4.2 km Sayama Line which also is operated by through services on the Ikebukuro Line.





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Thanks more ideas! Loved the evolution of track and scene in the tamagawa line! Loving these stub lines.



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