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Unitrack 20-184


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I have used Anyrail for sometime to plan Tomix and Tomix Widetram layouts.  Since I tried out Unitram and liked it I decided to try Unitrack. and use Anyrail to plan a small oval.


Yesterday I received my Unitrack order that I planned with Anyrail and immediately found I did not have enough track for the oval and too much of another piece of track. The principle reason is that the 20-184 easement curve is presented as a 22.5 degree curve when it is the same size 20-183 45 degree curve.


According to Anyrail you need five pieces of track: 2 x 22.5 degrees plus x 3 45 degrees for a 180 degree curve.


It actually takes four pieces to do a 180 degree curve, two 20-184 easement curves and two 20-183 45 degree super-elevated curves.  I have put the track together and taken it apart to confirm this.


Kato does not call the 20-184 easement curve 22.5 degrees on the packaging. I think the 22.5 comes one half of the 20-184 piece, but the 20-184 itself is actually 45 degrees.


I have had to place another order and pay another shipping charge because of this wrongly documented piece of track. I am tired of waiting and want to run trains again.


In the past requests for additions to the Tomix track date base Anyrail have gone unanswered, so I am not going to contact Anyrail. I did not buy Anyrail version 5 and I will not. I would not recommend going beyond the free version.  But I would also suggest by using the free version you are getting what you pay for.


If I have this much grief with a small oval, imagine what a full layout could be like. 



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Krackel Hopper

You only need the easement curves to connect the straight track to superelevated curves.


To make 180 degrees you need one easement package (20-184) and three pieces of (20-183) which come two in a pack.


The easement curve package is a 22.5 degree left and a 22.5 degree right.. plus three 45 degree superelevated curves, and you have your 180 degrees.


Creating a full circle, you need two packs of easement curves, and 3 packs of superelevated track.


Anyrail shows the 22.5 degree left and 22.5 degree right as individual pieces.. but they are sold as a single package from Kato.


So it is 5 pieces, the two 22.5 degree easement curves, and three 45 degree superelevated cuves inbetween.

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Thanks Krackel Hopper.  So I did order the correct amount of track.  I've never had two pieces of track attached into a single piece of track a single package.

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