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John k

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Hello, everyone....


I got a bit into Japanese trains through something of a back door.....I have been a fan of Japanese animation for almost 20 years, and briefly had a KATO 700, and when I picked up a Doraemon set, the interest was rekindled....


Since then, i have acquired a small fleet of Kato bullet trains....and i run them at the long shows because the kids find them to be fast, colorful, and cool....and we are trying to grab the kids before they are lost forever to the curse of Playstation....


Thanks for having me

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Welcome! I hope you find it a pleasant stay here (the forum is very friendly) and learn that there is a lot more to Japanese railways than Shinkansen only ;)

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Davo Dentetsu

I like to think the Playstation has it's own merits. :D  Of course, nothing beats the hands-on experience of owning physical objects too, though!

Hello to you, I love Doraemon too. :)

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Hi John, welcome! I am a new member as well and everyone is very friendly. I think the key is to get the young kids enjoying the hobby and having fun.Hopefully when they get older and have families,etc, they will remember their experiences and want to get involved again.

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