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JR Shikoku - Tokushima Line, Anabuki to Tokushima

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Here's a nice window view video of JR Shikoku's Tokushima Line by YT uploader syaso, gotta love that 4:30AM start. It's especially nice as it doesn't seem there's much coverage of JR Shikoku's network. I really like the onboard annoucements, I think it's a recording but some of it sounds quite funny, if it is a recording I gotta give JR Shikoku credit for choosing that ossan! Maybe the Tokushima branch is pulling a fast one by hiring a guy who's fluent in Awa-ben but has no idea what Tokyo people are saying! :) It's much easier to imagine him as the conductor, but the sound quality is too good, and many but not all of these are driver-only services.


syaso includes several on-screen notes, a few that stand out are:

- at 1'16" there's the Hinode Honten building, the company is apparently known for its grape monju. The company dates to 1914, and it seems that the building might too, I think they're lucky it's still standing.

- at 2'46" the KIHA47s get fired up

- at 9'40" the Asan/Sanuki mountain range comes into view. He calls it Asan first, 'A' from Awa, the old name of Tokushima, and 'san' from the first character of Sanuki, the old name of Kagawa, most commonly heard in the context of udon. Wikipedia has it as the Sanuki mountain range, mentioning that only in Tokushima, it's often called Asan.

- at 28'40" indicating that Kawashima Caste can be seen in the distance.

- at 24'09" there's Gaku station. Gaku is 学, to study/learn, and there's some language trick here, go-nyu-gaku can mean 5 platform tickets for Gaku station, but it can also be the sounds for getting into school (via passing an entrance exam), so buying a set is done for good luck. So, during exam season, the station is staffed (otherwise it's unmanned), and packs of 5 platform tickets are sold, and a "charm bag" (don't know what else to call it) is included for free.

- at 58'05" the Akui River is crossed, and we're now in Tokushima City. Looks like a nice regional city, and a great place for DMU fans, no catenary in sight!



- English Wikipedia on the Tokushima Line: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokushima_Line

- English Wikipedia on some stations:






- English Wikipedia on the Sanuki Mountains: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanuki_Mountains

- Hinode Honten's site: http://www.budoumanju.com/

- a few pages on the good luck charms at Gaku Station:




- Google map centered on Kamojima Station, about halfway between Anabuki and Tokushima: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=34.0738,134.3561&ll=34.061477,134.36245&spn=0.245455,0.385551&t=m&z=12




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