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A 45min TV program of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, to be operational in 2014.  Some interesting info about construction financing and subsidies, as well as 3rd sector operations, for those who understand Japanese.  Make sure to check out an aerial ride above the whole length of the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Nagano to Kanazawa at 5:30.  Also some CG renderings of the Toyama Station, at 38:55, and the remodeled Nagano Station, at 44:21.  The platforms at Nagano Station have already been lengthened to accomodate the future 12 car trains, up from the current 8 car Asama consists.



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Hopefully, the E7/W7 trainsets that will travel this route from Nagano to kanazawa will sport air suspensions so they can "tilt" slightly to take curves faster like the N700/N700A trainsets that have the same feature so the train can take curves faster on the Tokaido Shikansen line. I say this because you can see a good number of curved tracks along the way.

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