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Real-time train info


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This is a website, where you can folllow Hungary's biggest railway company's (MÁV Start) trains. Info is real-time and not based on timetable, but data provided by GPS sign. Every locomotive and multiple unit has a GPS system, so it is easy to follow them on their route. The train driver has the task to input the train data into a system before it departure.

On the map you can see trains below 4 minutes late with green color, between 5 and 14 minutes with yellow, 15-59 with orange and above 60 minutes with red. If you click or tap on one colored dot (which is a train), you can see its route on the map and its timetable with the real data.

Quite good and usefool homepage. The only missing data is the loco's type and number. The system has this function, but the railway company thinks that this is secret information (LOL) and for a regular customer or traveller it is not important.


If you are interested what loco is before the coaches, you have to use this website:


If you click on a colored circle, you can see the loco data. I'd like to point an interesting one: "Pillanatnyi sebesség" means the actual speed of the train.

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Poking around the Maps Mania site, I discovered this:




Simply click on the link and select Track Train Status in the top right corner.


You get a network map, with dots for major stations, and arrows showing the location and direction of all trains running.  You can select a train to get current detailed info.


Does Japan have something like this? 

Or, are there just too many trains running in a much smaller space at any one time ;-)

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Takahama Trainwatcher

I stumbled across this site that shows the position and details of passenger trains in NSW and some other Australian jurisdictions (+Auckland, New Zealand) close to real time. It's a bit like watching Cities in Motion 2 in reality. It also shows ferry and bus positions (and light rail from the 1st Sydney line). Available as an app, too, for Android.


I wonder if other countries have similar sites?

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The Czech Republic does 👍


Geolocation data of local transportation are usually handled by regional coordinators and show all means of transportation where their tariff is valid, e.g.

  • Prague and around - PID map (buses, trams, trolleybuses, ferries, but currently no trains)
  • Brno and around - IDS JMK map (buses, trams, trolleybuses, trains)

On the other side, practically all trains are handled by state agency Správa železnic which has map of the whole country. You might also be interested in arrival and departure boards of most stations and stops in the Czech Republic. Both sites can be switched to English.

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Moderator note: we had a number of real time train map topics over the years so I combined them into one and pinned it in the worldwide trains form.





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Some of the TOCs have started putting the loco I.D in realtime trains in the U.K. In the case of Avanti and others it also shows the coach formation. This is really handy when a class 390 pendolino goes past you at over a 100K and you have no chance of seeing the number and film at the same time



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Train Status PT is a third party website that uses information from Infraestruturas de Portugal to build schedules of past, current and future trains with real-time updates.


The community also adds aditional informations, such as traction unit number and non-disclosed incidents.


It works both by searching a train service number, or by station (click the clock on the top-right corner).

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