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Hi All,


As most of you are aware i re-opened the face book page about a year back for JNS with the best of intentions.


At the time i did have time to post on occasions on it.


However recently i have had an increased work load.


Also with my intentions of opening a hobby store "Really Soon" selling to the japanese and foreign market i do not think it appropriate for me to be controlling it anyway.


What i am asking is if anyone would like to take over the admin of the page. Otherwise i will need to close it.




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any way to maybe auto feed the facebook page the jns home page hot article list with links? this may be enough to advertise what jns is on facebook in case someone stumbles into it. unless someone wants to really keep up an active presence there anything else would be a waste or just do the static page and no interaction.



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Martijn Meerts

When I started on the new forum, I also started setting up some sort of Facebook page with the idea that certain topics would be posted there automatically, of through some RSS feed or something, but I haven't looked into it since then at all.


Some sort of auto 'latest posts' and 'latest images' would be nice I guess, I just don't have the time to look into that at the moment :)

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no biggie, just thought if it was a module already made for the forum to just plug in the fb login and go! Davo sounds like he is willing to jump into the breech and do it! i do this with a few clients and they just do it manually. we get someone to do the weekly update with small titles and abstracts of the new stuff on the website and post them there in a sort of manual rss feed. actually good to do it manually as it only takes a few minutes to do (and is reuse of content we already create) and has someone go into the fb page once a week to just check on it. one group we ended up with a volunteer that got really into it and was able to keep up a big presence on fb. never sure if we got all that much out of it, but at least it kept some folks interested that were very fb centric and the effort was free with the volunteer and they seemed to really enjoy the gig.




good on ya mate to jump in there! let us know what happens and what interest seems to brew there if any.



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first of all my appologies i have not been on for about 3 weeks i have just moved to japan so i got internet setup today.


Davo please join the facebook page and pm me in forum who you are. From there i can add you as admin.

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Davo Dentetsu

Just put in my like now.  I'm actually too easy to spot, I look like someone on the trail of the elusive Blue Train in the wilderness... :P

Edited by Azumanga Davo
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thanks Davo.


I added you as friend will make admin once friend status, it wouldnt work without u in my friends list...


speak soon i guess lol

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Davo Dentetsu

Thanks again.


My main aim will be to interest people through activity, so posting of interesting forum threads will definitely be a must.  But also if I happen to see any Japanese model train pics or even an interesting article or photo of the real thing that inspires the modelling thoughts, then I shall add them as well.  Hopefully it grows from there.



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