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Shin-Tetsudo - a new Players Layout


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Hey Guys,


It's been a long time since I've completed Little Tokyo - this is now sold conditioning (it was just too big for my living room.

For a long time I would therefore like to build a slightly smaller plant that fits a little better and where I can focus on details. The size of this plant would currently be 420cm x 110cm, although I'll still open to extend all around 80cm and then to arrive at 500cm.


The topics are:

landscape with much parade route
container Terminal
small yard


and yes, this time there will be a landmark :)

The final plan I will upload in the course the days, at the moment I'm planning a little back and forth to optimize anything until I like it :read2:






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That's quite a large layout! Nice Tokyo Tree! Should be nice to see it slowly taking shape!


I saw the Kato MAX Starter set ~~


Thanks for sharing!

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My wife would kill me if I did that in her living room.  :bom:


Heh heh ~ Mine did... But i rose from the dead... And she got tired of killing me eventually ~~  :toothy6:

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After all these years I rediscovered this topic from one of my model railroad layouts and thought: There are no pictures of what it looked like in the end 🙂

It was very advanced, unfortunately I stored the parts incorrectly before they were finished, which caused water damage (mold).


a few pictures  🙂



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It looks fabulous, I love its clean lines. And of course the buddha, very topical for me 🙂

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Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately, this model railway system no longer exists, because I had unfortunately stored it in the wrong building and it got water damage there (it is moldy). The only good thing: I had the building and most of it removed before this 😞 

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I didn't realise that it was that damaged... I just thought a few small areas of mold which would be reparable, Too bad!

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