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Sushi Train

I was there in Sept 07 and wasn't able to find anything! and I know where to look because I lived there for 5 years, saying that, I read a post recently where someone said they bought a Kato train in HK. The thing is, there is only a very small market for our hobby there, they are regarded as very very very expensive for what they are as most other things are very cheap or counterfeit.  :-\

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Two years ago I found a shop near Yaumatei. They sells Bachman China (pretty hard to find), trix, and others european manufacturers.

But at the time I didn't know japenes N trains, so I didn't search for it.

On the Kato site, they indicate a distributor in HK, but I can't find a reseller.

Anyway, my wife's parents are in HK and in Guangzhou for a month, so I'll ask them to take a look at hobby shops.


I found a shop in Taiwan, but travel just for that would not be very profitable  :D

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1/3 of my life is in HK and it is I who bought the Tomix set from Hung Fat Hobby Shop last year.


Hong Kong is big in public transport except trains because it takes up too much space.

However the general area for train hobby are either in Mongkok/Yaumatei or Wanchai

The followings are the best that I can find in HK, prices are higher than Japanese Store of course.

Enjoy your stay!


Here are the hobby shops you should try:

HK Island:

Hung Fat Hobby Shop


*Mostly Kato, Tomix


Toyzone 16


*second hand toys


Gifts and Toys House

Sho 2 G/F Avery Huse, 20-26 Tai Yuen Street, Wanchai




Lee Kwon Hobbies

Shop A, G/F, Wing Sing Building, 36-40 Temple Street, Yaumatei

*most HO/OO Gauge, some n scale Fleischmann and Roco


Concorde Hobby Shop


*Kato/Rocco/Fleishcmann, mostly HO Gauge


80M Bus Model Shop (Mongkok Flagship Store)


*Mostly HK public transport models and HO Scale

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Not too sure if its too late to mention, but I was in HKG in January and found a shop near the Star Ferry Terminal on the Kowloon side. The name escapes me but there is a shopping centre OPPOSITE the wharf where the buses and taxi's meet. Its not a spectacular shopping centre and I think there is a coffee( maybe Starbucks ) nearby....

anyway, ::) its on the ground floor and sells Kato and Tomix Japanese N scale gear. They had a pretty impressive range and I was tempted to get a few pieces but I was on my way to Japan so I held off.


So just stand outside the  Star Ferry Terminal and face away from the harbour and the shopping centre there is your answer...


hope this helps! :-\

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FYI, I came across a blog listing three dealers in Hong Kong who carry Japanese trains, mainly Kato and Tomix.






I've only been to Concorde of those that you've lisetd. There's also Hung Fat Hobby in Wan Chai but looking on Google Maps.. It seems to have disappeared! Used to be right here....




Also there's a huge markup on stuff in HK. MUCH more expensive that ordering direct to Japan + the costs of having it shipped directly to my house. Mainly because I don't think there's an official supplier (I might be wrong though). The big dude that works at Concorde usually takes trips to Japan and brings back stock himself. Sogo (where I got most of my early models from) used to have the most stock until they stopped selling trains. And I picked up a ton when they were clearing them out in preparation of closing the department down but even with the huge discounts, they can't match the price of what I am paying nowadays even from Japan.

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Visited Concorde models during the week and bought various Tomytec items from them plus some Japan Railway magazines - see attached. Not alot of stock so worth phoning them first to see what they have in.


No sign now of the model shop that used to be in the building opposite the Star Ferry terminal.


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Here is a short update:


- Hung Fat is gone. They seemingly  moved up to the north territories without much trace.

- Lee Kwon is HO only, nothing japanese.

- Concorde is indeed the only one worth visiting but as very correctly stated above, prices are sky high (it is indeed cheaper to get them on ebay and pay shipping). A couple Portrams, both Kato and Tomix, some flextrack but nothing much..


So, really, get on the plane to Tokyo instead :)

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ive often wondered about some of the tomytec stuff on ebay that comes from hong kong and if it fell off the back of a truck, was an extra day run of a line on a weekend or was to be melted down reject pile. bill has pointed out that some of this are probably from the subscriptions services that did not sell.


A friend has had a number of products built in china and discovered all manner of shenanigans over the years though!



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The n-scale 'rejects' are from the remains of past model buildings subscriptions where somewhere along the toy production line, someone does not want the remaining unwanted materials going to the junkyard.  At least, this was what I heard when I spoke to one of the store clerks 2 years ago.


In HK, most non-R/C hobbyists go for ultra modern HK bus stationary models, nostalgic HK tram models and HO scale trains from China.


Aside from a few famous Japanese and European train models as seen in what is available in the remaining HK model railroad stores, there isn't really a desire for other trains.

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I went to the E.Z. Transcom, the owner Kevin is a nice guy. They have a few Kato N-scale with reasonable price.


I bought some Tomytec buidings in HK, the quality is not good. The paint is aweful.

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I bought some Tomytec buidings in HK, the quality is not good. The paint is aweful.


Haven't they always been? That's why they're so (relatively) cheap...

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paint is not so bad usually, as good or better than the ave modeler i have seen do on a structure and amazing for the price. i do wonder if some of the ones on the hk market may be seconds, i have always wondered if there were a lot of seconds on the tomytec buildings as there is a lot of painting on them with washes and details and lots of places to screw up and probably easier to toss a piece. but then it would be hard to get a whole kit together unless they do the QA on the final packaged kits, it is in a clear wrapper.



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Hello guys! Newbie here in this forum and its my first time to post. Im Gio from the Philippines,and planning to start this hobby. Problem is, there is no hobby shop here that sells n scale trains,there is one selling locally online but its a bachmann mckinley express starter set. As you may know there is no snow here,and second It wont fit with my theme (local scenery). For now,I dont have a credit card to order online,so I want to try my luck going to HK to buy some N scale starter set, preferably Kato models. Ive browse all the links that have been posted here in this topic,but I think there is liitle info about N scale items.


Is someone have been to HK lately to check or buy some n scale stuff? Do they sell kato unitrack set? Im not really looking for new models,not shinkansen,just freight train or a passenger one. Its been months that ive been reading all about model railroading and very eager to start this hobby, Im into tight budget, so if its not worth going to HK, I might as well buy the bachmann and re-paint the train.


Hope to hear from you guys soon.



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Yes I've already check the eztransxom website, but they are only posting shinkansen set,the other one doesnt have a picture with 0 price,I dont know if its terminated. I emailed them yesteday requesting for list of n scale products, still waiting for their reply.


Thanks for your reply

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21 hours ago, VJM said:

Looks like Kevin at EZTranscom today announced that he has closed his shop due to market conditions and his health concerns.




There goes another good mate of mine.  :(



Poor Kevin!


I'm going to miss visiting EZTranscom. I used to be a regular "VIP" customer there, but unfortunately, due to work commitments in the last 2 years, I haven't had enough time to regularly make trips to one of my favourite stores in Hong Kong.


Hope Kevin will be able to overcome his health issues too!



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