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Here's a very good zenmen tenbou video of JR Central's Central Liner by YT uploader aomonoya.  The rolling stock is JRC 313 series, although it's the 8000 subseries which has a different livery and interior.  There are 6 3-car sets of these, all based at Jinryo Depot, between Kasugai and Jinryo on the Chuo Line.  This is set B206 as you can see in the lower corner of the windshield.  Presumably aomonoya decided to document this because JRC will replace the Central Liner services with regular rapid services with the March 16 2013 timetable revision.  I haven't seen anything about the fate of this 8000 subseries rolling stock, obviously it's very new so it won't be scrapped but whether it will be modified to match the other variants, it will be interesting to see.


There are liner services with each of the JR companies except Shikoku, and also with several private railways, although they have other names.  The surcharge structure used for these liner trains seems to be very similar to non-limited express (kyuko) services which are now almost all gone.


This is also a good look at the Chuo West Line, which are fairly rare on YT as compared to the eastern portion, particularly Tokyo to Takao/Otsuki.






8000 subseries interior images: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/mlnagara373/40934565.html, http://www.uraken.net/rail/alltrain/uratetsu313.html

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I think all the JR Group companies are starting to drop limited stop "liner" services in favor of more limited-stop "rapid" services that can run all day. I wouldn't be surprised that JR West drops the "Sun Liner" limited stop service around Okayama that use the 117 Series trainset in favor of more limited-stop "rapid" services by 115 Series trainsets like what is done around Hiroshima.


By the way, you can see the entire western part of the Chuo Main Line from the Shinano liimited express train as seen from this video by raraemondayo777:


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