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"Clés pour le Train Miniature" Magazine


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I would like to show you a French magazine named "Clés pour le Train Miniature". Precisely on Halloween my niece was born, so I ran to the airport to take the first plane to Paris and see her face and my loved sister and his husband. Waiting for the bus in Orly airport, I saw that little, thin and very cheap magazine (only 2,90€), and decided to buy it.




My surprise was big because it isn't full of advertising and all pages are "readable". All articles are concise and practical, and seem focused on beginners what is good for me. It's edited each two months, so a quite new magazine (I bought issue number 3), but if they keep on this line of work and price, it's worth buying it. I'll not say it's better than Loco-Revue (to compare with other french railroad magazine), because it's much more simple, but if you remove advertising sheets from Loco-Revue and compare the final "price per article"....


It's possible to buy a subscription or individual issues in paper, pdf or both, and inside or outside of France. I bought one year subscription for 12€ in pdf downloadable format from their web page: http://www.clespourletrainminiature.fr/


Obviously it's in French, but for Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.... or any other Latin language speakers is easy to understand. I don't know how difficult it can be for non Latin language speakers  ???


Hope you find it interesting!!




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I bought a really good French magazine last year loco revue reseaux rama but was very expensive at €15, but lovely photographs of several layouts of all scales in Europe

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I don't know how difficult it can be for non Latin language speakers  ???

Even if Dutch, English and French shouldn't be related because Dutch (and English?) originates from Germanic and French from Latin, there's still a lot of things that I can easily understand because they are many words derived from Latin (I assume so) in both Dutch and English.

And two years (middle school level) French also helps for the basics. But I haven't used my French since then so there is only some random things I understand.

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