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6. Meeting of the Modeltrain Maniacs on March, 28th 2009


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Comments - It looks great and the club puts it together so fast and then you have a dinner party on top of it!

Are you running 8 mainlines at one time?

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Thanks for the comment:


No, there arn't 8 lines. There is a part (on the right side of the layout (picture in the video)) where all lanes of the two two-track "bone" run parallel. And with the two stations which send different trains out looks it like a bigger layout

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hey great layout! really looks like you guys had fun! one of these times I want to get over for a meeting, would be great fun!


Keep up the great work always inspiring to see what you guys come up with for layouts!





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nice video and thats an impressive layout i wish i could run some of my trains on that.  i love the part at 2:00-2:30, thats alot of lines!

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