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My Z gauge 42x180cm layout


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I've made glint shots all over the world, sunrise or sunset are just as good. Sunset however is easier because the last shots are the best because you follow the sun into the right angle. Sunrise in a unfamiliar place means it's going to be difficult to be in the exact right position. Of course it's my living room, so I know where the sun will be and then just reach over for a camera.... :)

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its the sunsets that tend to give the such golden light like that. i cant see why there should be a difference, but ive really noticed a difference. perhaps its the oblique angle of the sun coming through air that has been warmed all day or is cooler. in alaska you only get the golden light shots at sunsets for the whale glint shots. same goes with california scenery shots.



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Looking though my files I see that in for example South Africa, Ukraine and China I got really good morning glint shots as well as evening glint... all in cool to freezing cold conditions. 

Of course failed glint shots don't make it into my files so I can't really check which percentage actually worked out. Today was also a cold morning.

But you are right, not every sunrise or sunset has suitable colour light.


That said I'm not afraid of a little post-processing if the colour of light is just off a little. Just upping the contrast will often work miracles.

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Great picture Ian! The sunlight really brings a nice shine to the SL! Very nice!


I have to keep reminding myself it is a Z scale layout! The details are astoushing! Cant do better myself, even in N scale!

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I finally found something that resembles a Japanese bus in something like Z scale. It's marketed as a collectable toy and is probably 1:200. Some attention to the paint job could make it look quite reasonable. So I needed a bus stop. On Google I found a design I liked. One of the advantages of card modelling in Z scale is that material cost are virtually zero. A few leftovers from Sankei kits, a few scraps of printed textures and a few people. It took me more time to find a suitable place on the layout as I like to be able to get a good view of the things I make. The spot I made it for on the opposite side of the road didn't give me the view I wanted. So I moved the monument and removed a tree...

I should also be able to get shots with a train passing the crossing behind. I'll try that as soon as I pick up my Kiha 52 from the post office tomorrow.






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This looks really awesome! I hope the 'new additions' will be with you soon to liven up the tracks and town a bit more. The level of detail is amazing!

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Finally some suitable rolling stock has arrived.  :)  :)  :)  :). SAL took 4 weeks, longest ever (but it took more than a week to get from customs to my home, so I bet it arrived at customs within 2 weeks)

Out goes the 485, in comes the Kiha 52. And the rural crossing was just finished in time too.


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Hi Ian

If the car wasn´t there, nobody know what gauge it is.

Very good job.

JGSDF ( Michael )

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