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miyakoji's bus corner!


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Possibly some ideas for layouts.  All Kanto, but good nonetheless...

Odakyu Bus - Inagi City iBus, nice autumn/winter afternoon in western Tokyo-to; by puku0987

Tokyu Bus - Shibuya to Shibuya, Daikanyama circuit, I think this is the rich part of town; by puku0987

Tokyo Metropolitan Bus route ume70, longest route in Tokyo-to

by puku0987

by keiseibusN126
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez0D9vpldSk Edited by miyakoji
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Good stuff, good stuff! This is a very interesting way to see a city! Also great way to look for modeling details.


Wonder what the sign thing is at 31:10 in inagi city.


Man it makes you realize the quantity of poles, signs, guard rails, lights that a good city scene needs!


Going to have to make a bunch of mirrors as well for tight corners.


Also lots of the tini vans which tomytec has not done many of yet.


Was good to see more traffic lights as they are larger than I thought. I was thinking of making some working street lights with 603 smd LEDs and I think they would be close to the prototypes!





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Sorry, I meant that very large structure off in the distance. Three columns and two big rectangles on top.


Also realize a large red and white tower bristling with tv, radio and cell antennas is a must! Very distinctive style in Japan in cities.



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