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Just got the new kato Dr Yellow


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But Kato doesn't have all wheel pickup like Tomix.


Yes it does. The contact strips connect both trucks.




but the kato couplers dont share the power car to car like the tomix i think, correct. i think tomix is the only with with the distributed all wheel pickup so far (other than some of the shared truck romance cars)



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well technically most all kato and tomix cars are all wheel pickup, but the tomix all wheel pickup has little electrical connectors in the couplers so that power is shared all the way across the train. really helps with dirty tracks, points, etc. works wonderfully.





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I'm interested in this bullet train, but my layout has 304 mm curves :icon_scratch: really this train doesn't run in less than 315 mm radius?


Thanks for your help & Best Regards.

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