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N scale Super Hakucho set availability


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Hello: Where is a good source for a new N scale Super Hakucho set? I just want it for display purposes, but the quality must be there. Cost does not matter too much. I would rather not deal with Ebay if possible. Thank you for any reply.

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Look at the Hobby Search listings, it appears that Micro Ace made two versions of the Super Hakucho:



Notice they are out of stock: Micro Ace generally only makes one run, and then maybe doesn't ever touch the model again, or maybe does another run a few years down the road. These are going to be very difficult to locate. Your best bets are to locate a used set (don't let that turn you off! Used items from Japan are usually indistinguishable from new, and they are always very up front about any installed parts or decals, or damage to the item), perhaps from Yahoo Japan auctions, Popondetta, or searching Rakuten to see if there's a dealer that has it in stock still (highly unlikely).

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Ma seem to be changing they have done quite alot of re reuns this year.


I do think this will pop up again but not anytime this year

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Ahah the Super Hakucho, 1 of the first express trains i took when i was in Japan... And was looking for it too all around the internet but the price for finding a hard-to-find and dis-continued set put me off too much...


Perhaps you can look for another identical train set that is more readily available, like the Kiha-283 Super Ozora?

Seems very identical, except the Super Hakucho is electric and yellow & green in color, but the Super Ozora is diesel and Blue in color...

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Well, Popondetta has a A set in second hand available and for quite cheap. http://www.popondetta.jp/asp/cgi-bin/shop.php?forward=gds_inf&back_screen=gds_srh&stock_no=571E010104900481


They also carry the B set as a new item.


Ahah! That's a nice looking set in Popondetta, but do note the comments here:

[走]D[ボ]B[付]A 備考1 動力不動

Run [D] Body condition B accessories [A]

Hence if you only want it for display purposes this should be a very good set to get, as it CANNOT run as indicated by Popondetta, probably a spolit motor. The body is condition as B so it should be ok and the accessories are ALL there [A]!


I saw this set before, but didnt wanted to get it as it couldnt move.... A pity. But if costs isn't an issue, then the link provided by disturbman in his most recent post should do fine ~~

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