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Kato C11 - How to Improve?

Sir Madog

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Having to part from one of my treasures always hurts a lot, but it is the only way for me to stay afloat in the hobby. Better only a few things than nothing...


If I still had all the locos I once owned I could easily fill a basement with them. Too bad, that I had to sell them for food in recent years...

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I have been searching the web for parts to be used for "beefing" up my Kato C11, without a major fin, though. Ginga Models seems to make some part, but the HS web site shows them out of stock. Seems as if will end up having to make them myself :( To say the best about it, it will be challenging...


Too bad there is not a dress up kit available.


Has anybody heard of Kato releasing a revamped version of my favorite model in the near future?

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that magazine you mentioned a few posts earlier, was that the Train Modeling Manual, Vol.7?

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thanks for the boot to the head, was sitting here to scan for you! No, it was Nine scale world vol 45 from april 2009. ive emailed you a copy.


looks like they had some small 3rd party detail parts to add to the kato c11. unfortunately these can be hard to get sometimes outside japan as they may not be distributed widely. they show a picture of the three little part envelopes but everything is in japanese so you will need to do some translating to figure it out! some of the parts like the front hand rails the fabricate from wire. rest is repainting. one of their short 2 page articles thats a step by step with lots of small photos.


anyone interested in the article, pm me an email address and i can email you a copy of the pdf.





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Got the article, Jeff - thank you so much ! It´ll be a big help in that detail job!


Pictures will come along progress!

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I was able to identify the contents of those 3 little bags shown in the article. They are Ginga Model detail parts.


N-301 contains 3pcs. of air hoses

N-303 contains 1 pc. sealed beam lamp

N-323 contains 2 coupler release levers for steam locos.


HobbySearch shows "waiting list" for part N-323 - ever since I started to shop there ...


Do we have a contact in Japan who could help us buying the parts?


Edit: For those interested, here is a complete list of Ginga Model detail parts required to super-detail a Kato C11
















You also need 0,3mm and 0,5 mm brass wire and Kato Z02-1029 (end buffer beam) to complete the job.  Now to find a source where to order the parts...

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Martijn Meerts

Ulrich, any chance you could forward me the article? Would love to give super detailing my C11 a try as well. I really like the loco, but it does looks slightly plain :)

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it´d be a pleasure to forward the article. Send me a PM with your email address and out it goes...

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