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(B-SHORTY) Shinkansen N700

Toy Maker

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I have wanted to buy a few things from Japan, and have always had the issue of trying tog et things shipped over to the US.

So last night I decided to take a chance. I checked out a bunch of the proxy services, and tried one out.


I am now the proud owner of the full 16 car set of the Shinkansen N700 (B-Shorty)

I can't wait for it to arrive. I'll make another post as soon as it gets here.

Now I'm hunting for the 500 16-car set






It should look like this:

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Krackel Hopper

Another B-Train Shorty fan!


A good source for these (or any Japanese rail) is Hobby Search:



I am not familiar with them making a 16 car set of the 500 series (yet)

However, Bandai did make a limited edition 16 car set of the 0 series - available at HobbySearch for $100



If this is your first B-Train set, I hope you realize that they do not come with motors or N scale wheel sets, unless you're buying used from someone who installed them extra.  Installing the motor and wheels is extremely easy, but you do have to purchase them separately.

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Thanks for the tips.


I did know there are no motors or wheels. I found the Kato power wheel set, but what is the right Kato non-powered wheel set part number for the Shinkansen?

Kato 11-097 ??

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Krackel Hopper

If you're using Kato parts.. I would suggest:

Kato 11-098 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10032824

Kato 11-106 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10032823


Bandai also makes power units and wheels for the Shorty cars.  These utilize the bogies that come with the kit vs. the kato generic "express" and "commuter" bogies.


Currently sold out at HS, but can be found on Ebay or other locations.



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Thanks for the video! Always wondered what a Shorty train looks like when it's running... Now i know! It really is mighty cute!  :grin

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I agree, they are "toys" but at the same time, pretty cool toys.


They allow for a much smaller layout, and more realistic looking turns at speed.

Obviously they lack some detail, and accuracy. But where they lack, they also offer a much younger audience "children" to get involved, and feel like they are (building a model) since they do have to be put together out of the box.


I have bought 3 sets now, and am waiting for them to arrive. I have never seen a B-Shorty in person, and am curious to see just how good or bad they really are. I know Bandi makes nice quality products, so I don't expect to be disappointed.

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I love these B-Trains, I guess maybe I am not a serious modeler Mr Ghan. So I  better sell my Japanese Z gauge layout to make way for more toys.


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You know what would be fun?


Running a full 16-car N700 N-scale model INTO a tunnel and having the B-Train Shorty come out the other side!!!


In fact, with DCC and a specially made layout you could have a LOT of fun!







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Yeah the tunnel would be funny! :grin

I wish some company would make snap together type kits for Japanese trains in Z Gauge. They could be cheap and very cool.

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