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Railway Station Clock style wristwatch

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bikkuri bahn

One of my other hobbies in collecting wristwatches, usually vintage, but occasionally a new model catches my eye.  This weekend I acquired a unique design based on the square electric clocks you often find in Japanese railway stations.  The style originates from the 60's or 70's, as newer clocks tend to be luminous and have more numerals, as well as second indexes.  I like the minimalist, Bauhaus-like lines of these earlier types, though.


The watch was purchased from a Mujirushi Ryohin shop.  It's a unisex design, automatic winding, the movement is a Seiko cal. 4206, 17 jewels, with manual winding capability.  Movement is produced by Seiko Malaysia, watch assembled in China (this keeps the cost down, if assembled in Japan, it would double the price, at least).


The picture of the station clock was taken at Sapporo Municipal Subway Odori Station.  There are a few of these older clocks still in operation, however, newer models are more prevalent.


Catalog view of this watch model:




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Hi Bikkuri Bahn


That is a nice looking watch!


Do you know about the pocket watch that Deutsche Bahn sell for 40Euros?  If you google search "DB Taschenwecker" you should find it. It is a nice pocket version of the standard german Railway clock.



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On 3/6/2012 at 1:30 AM, westfalen said:

... I use my Seiko pocket watch at work because it keeps better time than anything else I've got. All those Japanese train drivers know a good watch.


Sorry I have to bring this post back from the graveyard, but I was looking to buy a Seiko Railway Watch to offer my father for his birthday.
He loved the SBB CFF FFS Mondaine watch I gave him for Easter, so I was looking to keep the trend going.


I was looking to buy either the regular Seiko SVBR003, or the Anniversary Edition SVBR007.


Does enyone know of a safe place to buy these? My local jewelry shop couldn't sell neither of them from their Seiko reprsentative, saying the clocks don't exist on their catalogue.

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