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Welcome Model Railway Show Listeners!


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If you haven't heard, the Model Railway Show podcast recently aired an interview with me about Japanese model railroading. You can listen at http://themodelrailwayshow.com/ShowNotes/?p=795


If you have heard, and that's the reason you're here, welcome! You'll find us friendly and willing to help you grapple with the obscurity of our favored subject. Be sure to introduce yourself on the Introduction Thread here:


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You did well Capt.  No signs of nervousness at all, and you covered both subjects nicely.  Very clear on mp3 down here at the bottom of the world.



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Kudos to you! You did an excellent job. Wonderful of you to approach the show to talk about Japanese model railroading!


Thanks very much for the great omocha express plug, you really did a fantastic job of articulating our goals.


Btw the firs deliveries to 4 nursery schools just happened last week and wnt wonderfully. Lots more to come as we get a little feed back from these for any adjustments. I'll get a report out as soon as Matthew is back in a couple of days (he and his wife decided to go back for a visit to Iwate to see friends and par pirate in the first deliveries).


Also nice to hear your voice as it adds a new dimension to you!





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Great interview.  I could tell you were really trying to emphasise the diversity of Japanese rolling stock but it seems to me, from experience, that it's something that people have to find out for themselves.  One reason I usually carry a Tomix or MA catalog for show and tell.


Hopefully we'll pick up a few new members here too.


Cheers mate, great work!



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yes i forgot to say it would be a great recording to play at shows as you answer the why model japanese trains so well and we get tired of parroting those answers over and over and over. actually not too bad as its a good reminder of why we are doing what we are doing!


again kudos Don!





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That was interesting and you did a great job bringing attention to omocha express, jnsforum, and Japanese railroading!

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I think you presented the case for modelling Japanese railways very well in that interview, Don - good on ya! And good on ya too for dragging me in to the 21st century. That was the first "podcast" I've ever listened to.


All the best,



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