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HS has restocked a small motorized crane car in either yellow or orange. I can`t see much difference in the colors in the HS photos, but this is an unique little model.






I find the price a bit steep, but any motorized car will probably run you a minimum of $40 unless it is a very cheap Kato pocket line drive.


I wish there was a non-motorized version for a maintenance of way track work scene on a side track.

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tgw are poor runners though maybe this model is different but the kiha and the deki are i know that for a fact :D


still if you only want it for a scene then it doesn't matter

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My brother got one of these but I wasn't home the other day when he called in with it so I can't comment first hand on it's running qualities, you have to expect that anything with four wheels is going to be a bit dodgy. He says he should be able to fit a small decoder in the cab.

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youre late! already thread here  ;-p




theres always the little greenmax mow kit. its little engine is quite like this. just need the crane! been looking for a little crane like this. there is a guy in canada who does cast vehicles and has a crane quite like this on one of his models. been looking at getting one to get a crane to make more castings from. not that horrible to scratch build one out of some styrene. could get fancy and articulate it!


i looked at powering the greenmax with the little tgw and prohobby mechanisms and most were just a tad too big to easily do it. finally decided to make a generator car thats built around a kato 2 axle motor unit i scored cheap. many little mow trains have a generator car.



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