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Micro Module Layout in T


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Inspired by Ulrich's progress on his micromodules, I was inspired to try the same thing in T.  I wanted to keep costs down, and use what track I had as much as possible.  I also decided to experiment in foamcore as a benchwork material given the small size of the modules.  I settled on 260mm X 130mm for straights and 210mm X 210mm for curves.  The existing curves are 145mm radius.


Shintahara's not dead, just on the back burner for a bit.  This layout will allow me to try various techniques and such in preparation for building my Shintahara modules.


I'm also considering a dual-length station module as shown below.  It would connect to the line in the lower left.



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Dan - I am glad I was able to provide some inspiration for your T-gauge layout.


Keep us posted on the development and your experience in building a modular T layout!

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