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1/24 scale brass/iron C62-2

Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts

After a rather long-ish break, I've started working on this thing again the past few days. I immediately remembered why I wanted to take a break from it when I did, those superglue fumes aren't very pleasant ;)


No new pictures yet, but basically I've just added some detailing on the sides, as well as started the cab floor and sides. While waiting for glue to dry I've been thinking about whether I want to actually paint it or not. While looking at examples I noticed that, while the model is very detailed, a LOT of details bits aren't there. Things like the copper piping going from the sand dome to the wheels and to the cab, and a lot of other copper piping and hoses around the boiler. The cab interior is also lacking quite a bit of detail, hoses, pipes, and actually also quite a few little wheels and controls and such.


So, I might end up doing some superdetailing on the model. Things like copper piping and rubber hoses are easy enough to simulate, especially at the scale the kit is in. Not sure about the additional controls in the cab, might see if I can get some of that stuff 3D printed. It seems a bit odd that they didn't add the additional detailing (maybe as an optional set) really, but ohwell :)


As for the paint itself. I'm not going to leave it in it's raw brass colour, but in the manual they do show a version that's basically painted a satin brass/gold colour, so it's a lot less shiny. It looks really good like that actually, but some things like the little screws are a bit too visible. Painting it black will of course make the screws less visible. If I do go with black, I'll need to do a lot of detailing though, like having the white stripe along the length of the train, as well as the red bit around the bottom of the firebox area and on the drive rods. All the valves would also need to be painted a shade of copper/gold.

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Martijn Meerts

Not much. Most of it is built by now, the smoke deflectors still need to be added, and the some minor detailing such as various steps and hoses. I still need to check the drive rods as well, since the wheels don't really run very smooth at the moment.


After that, I'll probably need to add some more details that aren't part of the kit. Painting will be a whole different ballgame, pretty sure I don't have enough paint for it 😄


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