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Dirt Cheap DCC controller


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Yes, it's stated that this is a H0 decoder and looks a bit too wide for N scale. So far the cheapest N scale ones i've found are viessmann decoders (5241) for 18 euros and it looks like i might give them a try, because one of my local hobby shops seems to have them in stock. But from what i've read, it's better to switch off the motor feedback or they overheat, which could be ok, since i need its motor outputs to drive a bipolar headlight (3+2 micro leds in a self contained assembly).


What about the kato FL-12 headlight decoders? From the pictures it looks like they have 4 contact pads and didn't support bipolar lights. (actually, i'm trying to modifiy an analog cab car by adding a 6 pin socket, so it can be switched back to analog with a dummy plug)


Any other ideas or cheap decoders that have proven themselves?

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Thanks. That means a motor decoder is needed or at least a translation circuit. (if the decoder lighting outputs are open collector, then i'm thinking about an l293d or a smaller driver chip with 2 pullups on the inputs) Of course a ready made cheap motor decoder would be much better.

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Sounds good. It would be 21 usd if i order it directly from the US, but i'm sure i can find it at one of the european sellers for less.

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