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Greetings from a New Member!

The Real Guillyman

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The Real Guillyman

Greetings from Twickenham!


I'm a new member on these excellent forums, but many of you in the BVE / Openbve community may remember me in my capacity of co-Administrator of the one-time BVE Terminus forums. My name is Alan Wheeler, and among many other things I am responsible for building many quality objects and exteriors for Openbve, some still downloadable here: http://www.eezypeazy.co.uk/ and many which were to be found at the BVE Library. I also wrote a couple of utilities, the Station Nameboard Generator and the Platform Generator, each of them now approaching nearly 2000 downloads!


I am extremely disturbed that there is another member on these forums attempting to impersonate me. He has called himself "Guillyman" but the main difference between him and me is that I am the genuine guillyman and he is Ron Dillard, also known in the BVE and Openbve community as BVECOLORADO, or OpenBVEr. He posts links to downloads at esnips.com and other hosting sites, but please do not be fooled - all the "work" he uploads pretending to be his own is STOLEN from me and other developers around the globe. A group of us have already had him removed from 4Shared.com and now are not only campaigning to esnips to have his copyright infringements removed from there, but have also contacted the US authorities to put an end to his impersonation of both me and Graymac from Ireland too. So far he has employed no less than FOUR bogus email addresses in his vile and illegal quest to steal our identities.


Make no mistake - impersonation of others is FRAUD and therefore a CRIMINAL activity. The whole community here can put a stop to his activities by ignoring his links to copyright theft, and recognising that the original work is available from reputable sources elsewhere. If there is any work of my own which anybody here is looking for, then please PM me with your email address and I will send it to you by return, but please do not support this thief by following his illegal links.


I have reported the fake profile to Admin here, who are presently dealing with it, but in the meantime it will take a concerted effort from everybody around to drive any such undesirables from the respectable world of train sims.


Regards to all!



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