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What is the best way of making 90° turn on to a V15 set?

Spaceman Spiff

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Spaceman Spiff

I'm now about to start to laying track down to my passenger area (Kato overhead station) and need some advice.  I have a siding line that parallels the main line. From the siding I want to use Kato #4 switches (20221) to make 4 lines to the station. I need those lines to  turn 90° and into the V15 kit for the station area. I'm looking for a radius wide enough to handle longer passenger cars.


Please forgive the photoshopping of the lines as it is not good.


Pic 1 shows the siding coming off the main and in the red area is where I want to put the switches.


Pic 2 shows the transition are from switches to the V15 (overhead station on far right of pic).


Pic 3 kinda shows want I am trying to do. The black line being the main line, the red line being the siding that turns 90° into the V15.



Any suggestions?






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Guest Closed Account 1

You don't really want to use #4 switches. #6 have longer sweeps.


You could use #6 switches and crossings to drive trains into and out of the v15 stations.

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Mudkip Orange

I have no personal experience with Kato #4's because EVERYONE I've ever asked about them recommends against their use.


The consignment sections of LHS around here tend to back this up with many #4's available but few if any #6's.


If you really need a shorter turnout, Peco mediums take up a similar amount of space as the Kato #4.

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