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Travels, absences, etc.


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Howdy, all. I've been in a bit of a transitional state lately, which is why I haven't been around too much. I'm hoping that in the coming weeks, I'll be a bit more active. I just wanted to say, Hello! and I'm still alive!


But I will be travelling soon; also, moving house. I leave for Budapest on the 9th, and from there to Kyoto on 14 October. If anyone is in the area, or nearby enough for a short family trip, I'd really love to connect with fellow forum members in person! Just post something here, and I'll get it in my email.


Anyway, during the transitions, I won't be around, which means that I'm probably going to disappear for good for about a week, starting today (already had the internet turned off, borrowing the neighbor's for a moment). Our final destination is Denver, which we hope to be in by about 1 Jan, give or take. So if there are any forum members along the Front Range (besides you, Nik_N_Dad, you don't count ;) ), we'd love to meet you too.

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