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[Greenmax] Tokyo Monorail 1000 Type

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the track was the big challenge when i was thinking about scratch building something like this. really would require some good laser cutting to do well and easy.


could also be fun as a static model with the bit of track running through the city and off the layout. but having it running would be much more fun!


for a long time i also noodled on how you could do the japanese test mag lev as a moving model. the static models are out there in n scale. was thinking that perhaps a straight piece of track running through part of the layout then have the track have an air tube in it and have it like an air hockey table to lift it. probably would require way too much air to keep it lifted. then you would need one of those old hot wheel car shooters with the spinning rubber wheels to shoot it out. got complicated fast...



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Well my pre approval for funding for this project just went through now to wait for specs and price.


I convinced the wife I could buy it for approval of a gucci bag  :grin

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Geez Keitaro,


Where did you get an idea like that ... to bribe your wife with a handbag?  :grin





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haha she been pestering me for a gucci bag for months now. when she was mentioning it i merely slipped into a conversation about this awesome new tokyo monorail set coming out later in the year to early next year and how i was going to preorder it ....  :grin



When asked how much I mentioned around $400 lol so I can slip in a motor, some flex track, and some paints and an extra model.


Btw is there any difference in the thickness of z guage and n guage. (reffering to the actual metal track not between the 2)


I was thinking if the metal is just the same just stuck narrower together i don't have to waste extra $$ buying z flex i can just buy regular N flex and use that as i will be taking it off the sleepers and adjust the width to z guage.

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If you don't mind waiting till tomorrow will post in mm height of rail and thickness, can only post size of Marklin Z track as that is all I have apart from my Tomix fine track and some T gauge flexi track.

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Thanks Keiman,


Take as long as you want this set ain't comming anytime soon  :grin


I'll buy the flex in Aus so i may end up with Marklin anyway  :grin

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this is out in september 13 guys :D


okay so there is a basic set with track and a 4 car monorail i gues a basic loop.


There will be other packs of 4 curves, 4 straights  or 4 curves and 4 straights. From what i can tell.


The basic pack is rrp 3,990, where the track packs are about 1,490 yen except the straight and curved pack.


It does not specify the radius or length of the track hopefully we will get more info on tuesday.


info on ngi and other blogs

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they have all the appropriate guide and traction wheels in the model. i wonder if they spin? i worry that if all plastic they would have too much friction even if lubed up to roll well enough though. tolerances are also going to be tight on the curves on those if moving.


if you were to use a roller wheel to try to power the car it would probably need to be situated in the center of the car with the guides on both sides. i think traction is going to be the biggest issue in making these guys move.


wonder if you used the z gauge idea but replaced the metal wheels with rubber ones to just run on top of the girder. could do power pickup along the sides of the rail with copper strips and just wipe pickups on these. not sure if z will be narrow enough to fit on top of those girders though. T gauge just would not have the umph to move these.



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Hi Jeff!

I think we need only to wait one month (o little bit more..normally R10 combine all my shipping at the end of the month) and when we have the model on the work table the project can start.

I have some Z gauge engine to try, like you says I thinked to place on both sides of the concrete monorail one cod.40 Micro Engineering profile


I already use it for handmade Nn3 turnouts and rails but the only function for monorail is like current pick-up (but before I need to see the mechanism, maybe we need to remove the "bad" plastic reproduction a rebuild all from scratch)

Another one "solution" can be similar..





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ahh i see thinking of using the rail on either side of the girder for pickup. downside is that it looks like the pickup rail is already moulded onto the side of the girder, so you will need to dremel it off i expect.


i wonder if just gluing a piece of small diameter steel rod (like 1mm) onto the side of the plastic rail already there might do it.


my first thought was just copper tape along the sides of the girder (near the top), but that has the downside of being bright and shinny copper colored! either way metal rails to bring electricity to the train will be a real hassle. also need to make connections at the joints. rail joiners will work, but it will take some care to make the appropriate ends meet and have joiner space, etc.


The battery operated and rc like the chap did with the disney model is the best is a lot simpler, but requires the RC gear and batties. his solution for the drive is also great, its about the same as what i remember from the ho disney model.


i still dream of doing the shonan or chiba hanging monorails! or a little people mover using btrain shorties.





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Hi Jeff,

I think I remove the molded pick-up rails with my little milling machine, is not so hard (I hope).

That's the reason I pre-ordered a lot of monorail straight and curved sets (the final price for each set is around 1000-1500JPY, I can destroy one or two like test)

But this and all the other plans are on stand-by until I receive the box. In the meantime we can try to motorize this one (see below this page)



about SAFEGE monorails, I love it, like you! I think I have tech drawings on old JRF magazines, if I find it I advise you (I have also Linimo, if you like the little maglev..), maybe for one photo etched brass kit in the future.....




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yeah it should be possible i think. only issues may also be getting good contact and not getting too much friction on the pickups.


i emailed bob the guy who has machined up the nscale disney monorail and he is really interested in this. he thinks his disney design can be easily fit into this system. he wants to order one to check it out and may see about making a kit or parts available for conversions. nice guy and he has knoodled on all these issues for a while now while creating the disney mechanism in n scale.


its odd if you look at this photo




it almost looks like a mechanism is in that car!


i was trying to think of simpler ways to have the non power cars run with wheels and rollers when i came across this picture in a site bill had posted way back




perhaps using N or HO rail wheels that are turned flange side out would work to ride on top of the girder. just make some narrow trucks (the girder looks to be 5-6mm across the top) to swivel w/in the carrages. might not need much in the way of guide wheels then on the sides.


you could cut in square stock (like 1mm or so) on either top corner of the girder. would not be hard to make the rabit joint using a dremel cutter and a fence). then cement in the square stock to carry the current. still have the issue of joining the tracks.


this is the sort of project that makes me want to finally drop the $$ in a micromill!





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The embedded z scale wont fit this. so my second plan is going to be used. same as you mentioned before with the pick ups on the side as prototypical.


Also have a basic design drawn up for how i will get the pick up working. but as i dont have the model i can be too certain it will work till having it in my hand.


Essentially i was going to have a motor front cab and back.


Use a small 2 pin molex connector between each car for un-assembly.


Wire down each side + & - with brass strips similar to those in the kato light kit.


glue a brass pick up spring to the inside of the car so the spring will push the brass strip onto the track pickup at all times but with no too much pressure to cause friction / noise.


1 pick up per car connected via molex connector and to both motors giving good power pick up.


For the im not sure

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That is much cheaper than I was expecting!!


Came here to say that. However I'm assuming these are standard GreenMax kits - grey plastic parts you need to cut, sand, paint and assemble. And you should feel privileged if the instructions go beyond what they can fit on the back of the box.

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looking forward to getting this project in action.


Do you think you could have it ready for one of the shows in Sydney?


I'd love to see a working monorail.


Prolly win an award too, such innovation!





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