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Simple double track module for my new tram project.

Track already laid.

Leaning towards a country scene with possibly some fields. Good excuse to build my set of Busch sunflowers. ???

New glasses for them I think.

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Just been shopping to get some bits for my project.

Now have 2 packs 96 in each of sunflowers.

Pack of Dapol single track catenery(8 masts)


Have decided no Rice fields on the board, because I am crap at making them, have tried elsewhere and it did not look right to me

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Right plan decided on.Will be using one of my extension modules.

Sankei  Farmhouse already built.   Tomytec farm with polytunnel.

Tomytec Bamboo plants, Busch sunflowers in a field, part worked field with buffalo drawn plough,

tracks will just be a line of double track fenced with overhead. Maybe a pond and some weeping willow trees.

Have 90% of the parts ready to go.

Also have lasercut lean-to shelter.

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Pictures of Raw materials ready for project. :grin


Bare board






Kawai wagons


Kawai C type loco






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If this bad weather continues, may start building some sunflowers - I know the project officially starts on the 1st -but have got to do something. will need this module built before I can continue with the other boards.

Those in the UK know it usually rains when Wimbledon is on.

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Been measuring up my raw ingredients and discovered I need to put another order into Japan. :sad:

Wiring has been completed for the DCC continuity so underside of board is complete.


Dremel cutting wheels needed tor a kitbash, and need to sort out some farm workers.

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Right, work is underway.

Field is Brown mat, laid before I cut the foamboard. Cut outs in the foam for my Tomytec Farm, and the other polytunnel cut from the farm that I had already used the farmhouse on Keitown.


Foamboard stuck down with white PVA craft glue and the two tracks (Tomix) have been ballasted  with N gauge real granite ballast mixed with some fine green scatter.








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Loose ballast removed with a Vax handheld. :grin

Nothing loose once that's been over it.


Have just laid ground cover on front of board. Will post pictures when dry.Fencing will go between this and the track.

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All basic ground cover now down.

Time to start the details. Farm is more a market garden/smallholding now.

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Project on hold for a week, new kitchen going in starting tomorrow ???

my working area currently has the kettle, toaster,microwave oven etc. stacked on it.

I've got an area the size of a sheet of A4 paper till we can get stuff put back. :sad:

Still I managed to get a bit done before all my bits were put away.

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3 pictures of progress so far. Train on the track is the Greenmax work train that came with the shed kit.







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Cheers Ken,

Loads more to do yet.

Had to move the Power pole the other side of the fence as it was mm away from any rolling stock.


As it's Sunday and raining starting on the Sunflowers.- 192 flower heads to be stuck on individual  plants.

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You're making great progress.....I like the idea of a field of Sunflowers....where I am right now one of the farmers has a huge field of them I'll try and take a photo for you it really is a beautiful site to see.

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Halfway through sunflower building, 96 built, and have done a few other jobs for the main layout. as a break on the eyes.

Built and painted my rotary snowplow, painted some benches and started the lean to shelter

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Sunflowers finished, Lean-to Built and painted. :grin

Pics to follow at weekend as have just discovered camera is dead, and off out tomorrow night.

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Decided no more pics till finished. :lipssealed:


Final details being added as I type this, letting glue harden off fully before next cable added.

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The whole thing looks great, but I particularly like the look of the rough grass and rocks at the front. Very natural looking.

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