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Donating to tsunami relief in Japan


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From Jeff,


After the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, Japan Rail Modelers of Washington, DC (JRM) realized that having a sister club in the hardest hit area gave us a unique opportunity to help in a meaningful way. So we teamed up with our sister club and a private railway company in the afflicted area to create "Omocha Express".


Omocha Express is a public charity organized to raise funds to provide recreational items (such as toys, books, and art supplies) to children in Japan who have lost their homes and belongings in the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It is a partnership between the Japan Rail Modelers of Washington, DC (JRM), Iwate Rail Modeler's Circle (IRC), and the Sanriku Railway Company (Santetsu). We hope the simple act of giving these items to children hit hard by the disaster will help give them hope for the future and show them that people around the world care.


Basically, some JRM members will collect money and coordinate the charity (Omocha Express). IRC will provide cultural advice and arrange purchasing and distribution in Japan. And Santetsu will find the children, day-care centers, and kindergartens that will receive the gifts.


For more details and to donate, please visit http://www.omochaexpress.org/ .

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