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EF55 "Moonin" last run


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The peculiarly styled EF55 has reached the end of the line and is into a series of last runs with video cameras running and cameras clicking away.  This last run was December 6th.


"This historic electric locomotive is EF55 which was built in 1936.But it will retire Jan 2009 due to aging."






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It looks like a puppy... droopy face and all...


1936, I can't really fathom that armatures and other parts of an electromotor are still in operation... I was nearly disturbed that the DE10 was up the rear all the time to assist? or just provide support in case of failure. Actually, we have to do that without smaller steamers on the main as well.


From what I understand, this loco is an EF54 with a special front end? Was it for 'aerodynamics'?

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From what I understand, this loco is an EF54 with a special front end? Was it for 'aerodynamics'?


it looks like a Chrysler Airflow clone. 








In an era of square black cars the Airflow was noticed all around the world.  Even the art deco German trains posted the other day have similarity to this design. It was brief phase that lasted a few years.

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Just found some great pictures of it... Micro Ace even made a model of it.. watch those prices skyrocket  :(


http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~takasha/EF55.htm <-- check the two image links at the bottom of this page






As for the Chrysler conspiracy... the puppy doesn't have a nose to let air flow  ;D

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I had thought most of them had been rescinded from service by now. It's still good to see some of them still running.


I couldn't think for the life of me what that engine reminds me of, but now that I think about it, it's a Puma, like the shoe (not the cat)

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