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Lost In Translation

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Like any message forum, there are always influx of new and old members. We are a global community that is ever changing. But one of the things we all should remember that as a global community, not everyone speaks English as their primary language. And even for those who do, many variations exist between countries. This is a friendly reminder to all those that while we may all read and write on these forums in English, that the way we interpret this English may vary. Do rememebr that English may be interpreted as "literally" or "figuratively". Lately (within the past month) some misunderstandings have flared as a result of the way conversations have been interpreted, and some have take offense to these interpretations. Just a friendly reminder that while we are a global community using one common language, the way we all read posts may be read differently. Please write and read carefully as the way we write may not be read the way it was intended.

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