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Coffe table layout


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I have finally finished my coffee table layout - some details remains though.  I plan to put up some lamp posts and traffic lights, as well as some road signs.  The layout is about 117cmX65cm.

This is a kind of a test project - I think I will make another layout later - as I have made some faults that needs to be rectified. 

Anyway - here are some photos.  I have used my iphone – so the quality could definitely be better.












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Man - I love the look of that. You've definitely done a nice bit of work there! Please beg, borrow or steal a good camera for when you get the details finished :)

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John - I think this a 1st on the forum....a Japanese coffee table layout! This would look great in any living room.

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John - I forgot to ask in my post....did you also make the coffee table? If not, where did you find it?


No, I didn't make the table.  It was purchased at a local furniture shop - the table is made in China.    Its quite suitable for the railroad - I hide all the electrical equipment in one of the drawers.  The max height of the layout is ca 27 cm.

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Makes me wish I never replaced my older coffee table. It would have been perfect for something like this. Very nice job!!

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