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GreenMax - New Releases


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Das Steinkopf
On 5/10/2022 at 4:07 AM, Arctic said:

Greenmax announcements for this month:






JR Central 311 Series

Meitetsu 2200 Series

Kintetsu 12410 Series

Hankyu 6000 Series

Thank You Aizu Railway 6050 Series

Yagan Railway 6050 Series

Tobu 6050 Series

+ some structures and paints 


 I am so happy that Greenmax is bringing out a model of the 311 Series, it is the missing link in my JR Tokai fleet and I have been after one for ages, MicroAce had the original version with the Diamond Pattern pantograph as well as the updated version with the single armed pantograph that they released well over a decade ago, I am happy that Greenmax has decided to go with the updated variant as this fits well within my 2015-2020 timeline.




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Tokyu 8500 series, Tokyu 2020 series, Tokyu 1000 series, Seibu 2000 series, JR Kyushu Kiha 200, JNR Kumoyuni 81, Meitetsu 1200 series, Meitetsu 1800 series, JNR 52 series


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