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Bandai Star Trains

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Dont know if folks are collecting bandai star trains, but a few just came up on ebay. they have not been around for a few years here much at all as bandai stopped doing them. they were sold in convenience stores (along with a small piece of candy to change its tax status). they are nice plastic models about what btrain shortties are, but full scale models with plastic wheels. what they are great for is if you are modeling a park or museum scene and want some display pieces or for using with the tomytec train transport vehicles.







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Damn I know o should have bought more cases of these when I had the chance way back! We shall see if they sell this high these days outside japan. I’ve not looked on yahoo.jp auctions to see if there is a steady trade in these, they rarely come up on ebay these days. They are nice, I think I have most of them. Been meaning to make a nice wall display of end cars.





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