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Gosh, you like them junky¬†ūüė≤

This was eating itself.

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ive been successful in getting the grinding gone in my micro ace trains (and others) when it happens or when new, with cleaning and lubing. only one has been an issue and thats my old 922 dr yellow thats had the issue in the truck after a lot of running over like 10 years and had great trouble disassembling the truck/drive train and put it aside, have to get back around to working on it. like squid mentioned many different motor and drive train designs in ma over the years, not as standardized as the others, so it can be a bit of a figure it out each time.



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The Series 21000 is one of my favorite  Japanese trains and one of the oldest trains in my collection.  I missed out on the Iseshima Red Formation back when it was re-released in 2014 - always on the lookout.  I was able to ride the Urban Liner Next in 2017 from Osaka to Nagoya - it was a beautiful route and definitely worth a do over.  Hopefully next time it will be on either the original Urban Liner or the Hinotori.  


My Kintetsu Limited Express Fleet:


Tomix 98695 Series 80000 "Hinotori" - 2021

Tomix 92500 Series 50000 "Shimakaze"

Micro Ace A6662 Series 23000 "Iseshima"

Greenmax 30722 Series 21020 Urban Liner Next

Tomix 98988 Series 21000 Urban Liner Plus

Kato 10-162 Series 21000 Urban Liner

Tomix 92609 Series 21000 Urban Liner - 1998




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JR 500Á≥Ľ

WOW! that is just amazing! Makes me wanna get a shot like this too this weekend!


I love Kintetsu too, simply for the wide variety of trains they have ~ certainly almost coming in all shapes and colours ~

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